What is RoofCERT? — NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation

What is RoofCERT?

Upskilling the workforce

Attracting new talent

Increasing productivity

Managing training

Improving roofing’s image

NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation

  • provides individual roofers with visible proof of their essential roofing skills
  • reinforces the pride of skilled roofers, who’ve worked hard to get where they are
  • confirms that a business employs fully-qualified roofing operatives, who can do the job safely and properly
  • helps homeowners avoid the cowboys, by recognising the professionals

Raising the game

UK roofers are among the best in the world but unqualified and inexperienced rogue traders too often give everyone else a bad name. It’s therefore time to elevate the pride and professionalism of individual roofers who do the right thing, by giving them the proof that they can roof.

This is where RoofCERT comes in. Managed by NFRC, it is the UK’s only national roofing accreditation scheme that gives clients and homeowners the confidence that the people working on their roofs can do the job properly.

The NFRC, with support from across the industry, will help existing operatives entering the scheme to demonstrate their technical knowledge and essential skills, enabling them to establish a lifelong career path and prove their competence to employers and client