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RoofCERT accreditation can be achieved in as little as two weeks!*

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Who is NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation for?

For individual roofers who want to prove their technical knowledge, essential skills and competence to employers and clients who want the confidence that every roofer they use does the job right.

  • You've got a National / Scottish Vocational Qualification and three years experience

  • You don't have a Vocational Qualification but have five years experience that you can prove

  • You are a roofing company that wants to continuously upskill your workforce

  • You want the most competent and skilled roofers to help deliver your projects on time and to budget


* If you have an NVQ and have already undertaken, or are able to undertake now, the H&S courses; then accreditation can be achieved within two weeks

17 Mar
@RoofCERT is looking for a high-performing Sales Manager to help @TheNFRC to meet their accreditation scheme customer growth targets.
We need a self-starter, an excellent communicator, with a proven track record. Interested?
RoofCERT photo
15 Feb
It’s happening on 1st March whether you are ready or not. Make sure you understand how Reverse Charge VAT may impact your business. Listen to @TheNFRC‘s RoofTOP podcast special on #reversechargeVAT with Liz Bridge from the Joint Taxation Committee.
RoofCERT photo
5 Feb
Many congratulations Christian!
RoofCERT photo
McDonnell Price Roofing @RoofingPrice
Delighted to have our first operative receive his @RoofCERT Gateway test certificate! Brilliant to be part of this excellent program of accreditation, supported by @TheNFRC improving the standards of #roofing ! #proud

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