Roofing Regional Training Groups

Roofing Regional Training Groups

Regional Training Groups

The following Regional Training Groups offer the RoofCERT knowledge tests.

Most centres have a member of staff responsible for co-ordinating the knowledge tests and their details are shown below. If there is no specific name shown, please call the centre you wish to take the test at and ask to speak to someone about arranging a RoofCERT Knowledge Test.

Local Roofing Training Groups

Independent Roof Training Group (Scotland)

Ian Letham
07771 935 820

North West Roof Training Group

Sue Wharton
07801 278282

North East Roof Training Group

Helen Wilson
07771 802096

Yorkshire Independent Roof Training Group

Denise Cherry
07971 232645

Midland Roof Training Group

Kate Bonser
07789 961840

London & Southern Roofing Training Group

Michelle Workman
07809 874 419

South Central Roofing Training Group

Eastern Region Roof Training Group

South Wales & South West Roofing Training Group

Nichola Smith
01395 233667
07525 120958

Wales National Roof Training Group

Lesley Hughes
07817 641984

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