Take the RoofCERT knowledge test

Knowledge Test

Step 2: Take the RoofCERT Knowledge Test

Once registered, you can book to take the RoofCERT Knowledge test either online or at one of the regional training groups.

The test is made up of 35 multiple choice questions which must be completed within 40 minutes and requires a score of 28/35 (80 per cent) to pass.

Once you are registered within the RoofCERT system, there is plenty of revision information and support material available to you.

If you’d like to book your test online speak to a member of the RoofCERT team on 020 3940 0053 or email hello@roofcert.co.uk

If you need help with booking the knowledge test through a regional training group, please contact the relevant centre’s RoofCERT contact.

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