RoofCERT for contractors and roofers — NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation

RoofCERT for contractors and roofers

Thank you for your interest in the RoofCERT scheme.

If you are the owner/manager of a roofing contractor company and would like to find about more about the benefits of putting your on-site employees and sub-contractors through the RoofCERT accreditation programme, complete our Contractor Enquiry form and a member of the RoofCERT team will be in touch with you to discuss RoofCERT in detail.

If you are a roofer, and want to register your interest in becoming RoofCERT accredited, please complete the Roofer Registration form.

Watch our short video on how the roofer registration process works:

Contractor Companies

Roofing Contractors--Ensure your employees and sub-contractors have the essential skills


Ensure your employees and sub-contractors have the essential skills.

Put your workforce through the Technical Competency Test and seven mandatory short duration courses to help easily manage training requirements and demonstrate your company’s commitment to skills.


Qualified Roofers

You’ve got a National / Scottish Vocational Qualification and three years experience

Experienced Roofers

Pass a Technical Competency Test specific to your chosen roofing specialism, upload evidence of your experience, speak to one of our Skills Evaluators and complete seven mandatory short duration courses. Renew after three years.