Operative Registration Thank You — NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation

Operative Registration Thank You

Thank you for registering

With your help, RoofCERT accreditation can achieve a safer, more productive and professional roofing industry by ensuring that:

* Individuals are continually building knowledge, skills and experience.

* Contractors know their operatives are competent and experienced.

* Employers, clients and homeowners have visible proof of a RoofCERT Accredited Roofer’s essential skills and competence.

RoofCERT accredited roofer at work on a roof

You’ll hear from one of the RoofCERT team soon and they’ll discuss with you the next steps of your RoofCERT accreditation journey.

Upskilling the workforce

Attracting new talent

Increasing productivity

Managing training

Improving roofing’s image