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Renew CSCS IA Card

Don’t leave it Too Late to renew
your CSCS Industry Accreditation Card


“Grandfather Rights” end in 2024

CSCS have announced that ALL Industry Accreditation (IA) cards (often referred to as “Grandfather Rights”) will expire on or before 31 December 2024 and cannot be renewed.

RoofCERT Experience Worker

The RoofCERT Experienced Worker Route is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to obtain a replacement for the Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card, provided that you have at least five years continuous experience in the roofing discipline you are applying for.

Currently we can offer the RoofCERT Experienced Worker Route for ‘slating‘, ‘tiling‘ or ‘slating and tiling‘ disciplines from our assessment centre in Hereford. More assessment centres around the UK will be made available over the coming months. We are also in the final stages of approving the assessments for other roofing disciplines.

The cost is £549+VAT (the first 1,200 assessments are subsidised, after this the price will increase) and you just need to undertake our online knowledge test and undertake a one-day skills assessment. If you pass the assessment, your certificate will be sent to you within seven days, send this to CSCS along with your RoofCERT Knowledge Test certificate and your new card will be issued within 48 hours of CSCS receiving your certificates.

If your Industry Accreditation card expires before you have completed your RoofCERT assessment you can apply for the temporary Red Card for Experienced Worker (valid for 12 months maximum).

Five Easy Steps to your new CSCS Card

  1. Check the back of your current card states it is ‘Industry Accreditation’; if it does then go to step 3
  2. If you hold a City & Guilds Craft certificate or Apprenticeship, S/NVQ or certain Overseas Qualifications you may already be elligible for a new card, so apply directly to CSCS
  3. If you have five years continuous experience in your roofing discipline, complete the application form below
  4.  Undertake the online RoofCERT Knowledge Test and attend the one-day skills assessment at a RoofCERT-approved centre
  5. Apply for your new CSCS card

Once you have successfully completed your Experienced Worker assessment, your employer (or the contractor you work for if you are self employed) may be able to claim a grant from CITB to help towards the cost.

Your other options

If you don’t have five years continuous experience then you should explore an NVQ/SVQ or apprenticeshipNFRC can provide additional advice on this. Also see the CSCS flowchart for guidance.

How do I know if my CSCS card is an Industry Accreditation version?

‘Industry Accreditation’ could apply to a blue Skilled Worker, black Manager, gold Supervisor or gold Advanced Craft card.

Check the reverse of your card, if it states “Industry Accreditation” then your card will expire on or before 31 December 2024 and cannot be renewed—you must apply for one of the new types of CSCS card.

Photo of the reverse of a card here

RoofCERT Experienced Worker applies for holders of Blue ‘Skilled Worker’ cards.

Apply here for RoofCERT Experienced Worker

We currently only offer RoofCERT Experienced Worker assessments in Hereford; however if you provide your address (at least city/town and postcode) we can advise you when closer assessment centres become available.


A separate fee applies for each discipline, so only select the ones you definitely require.


A fee of £549 + VAT (£658.80 in total) per discipline is required. Please provide below the details of who the invoice should be addressed to. You will not be invited to attend your online knowledge test or one-day assessment until payment for the invoice has been received. It may be possible to reclaim some or all of this fee as a grant from CITB.
Leave blank if invoicing an individual

Further information

Data protection

FAQs about CSCS Industry Accreditation cards

Cards issued under Industry Accreditation (IA) are being withdrawn and cannot be renewed via this method.

At the beginning of 2015 the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) announced via the Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025, that industry, including trade associations, contractors, clients and government, should specify and promote card schemes displaying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted.

This is known as the One Industry Logo action. Among the requirements set out by the CLC is that all construction industry card schemes must operate with nationally recognised qualifications (usually NVQ/SVQs) in place for all occupations.

All Industry Accreditation (IA) cards issued from 1st Jan 2020 will expire on 31st Dec 2024

There are approximately 70,000 IA card holders—many have between 20 to 30 years’ experience and the majority are in supervisory and site management roles.

You need to put a plan in place to move off Industry Accreditation before your card expires at the end of 2024.

What that plan looks like depends on your occupation and what qualifications you may already hold.

Those currently on Industry Accreditation who require a CSCS card may already have the requisite qualification or professional membership to renew their card or move onto an Academically or Professionally Qualified Person card, without undertaking further assessment.

If you do not have the required qualification but you have at least five years continuous experience in your roofing discipline, you can apply via the RoofCERT Experienced Worker route above.

The cost is set by individual providers, but as experienced workers are unlikely to need any upskilling or training, the assessment-only route provides a quicker and simpler way to achievement. RoofCERT are currently offering subsidised assessments for £549 + VAT.

CITB grants are available to support CITB registered employers achieve recognised qualifications.

To further support CITB registered employers during the Industry Accreditation card transition period, a number of CITB grants will receive enhanced funding.

To find out about the CITB grants available and enhanced funding please visit the CITB website.

CITB grant funding is available to CITB Registered employers who are up to date with their Levy Returns.

Employers can apply for this grant for all directly employed staff on the payroll, business owners and partners, and all subcontractors. Those self-employed or sub-contracted on projects should speak to the primary contractor in the first instance regarding grant funding.

For further information, please visit our IA Grant Information page.

Industry Accreditation cards can still be renewed, if their expiry date is prior 30 June 2024. However, the renewed card will expire on 31 December 2024. Any Industry Accreditation CSCS card with an expiry date of 1 July 2024 onwards cannot be renewed.