Case studies — NFRC RoofCERT Roofing Accreditation

Case studies

Whether you’re an installer doing the job or a client wanting it done, find out how RoofCERT accreditation can help

Roofing Contractors--Ensure your employees and sub-contractors have the essential skills

Stuart, the employer

My company’s reputation is only as good as the people working for me and I want the best people working for me. Accredited roofers are simply good for business, helping me to win new work and crucially to avoid costly mistakes.

Gemma, the employee

I finished my apprenticeship four years ago and love being on the tools, but I wanted to progress into management. Being able to continually update my skills and keep a training record in one place helps me and my employer manage my career.

Adam, the sub-contractor

I do a good job already, however, becoming accredited has allowed me to prove my credentials so that I’m not just relying on word-of-mouth. It's a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest standards and best practice without the hassle of finding training that takes me off the job. It separates me from the cowboys.

Tim, the supplier

We spend time and money researching and developing roofing products that meet the customer’s needs. However, they are only as good as the person installing them. Working with accredited roofers gives us confidence that they have up-to-date knowledge of the standards to install our products correctly.

Sarah, the client

We need specialist contractors that help us to deliver buildings on time and to budget. A job done badly, needs to be put right and that will ultimately delay completion. Having roofers accredited to a national standard ensures a good level of workmanship and a commitment to health and safety throughout the project.

John, the homeowner

I’ve never had to hire a roofer before and if I’m honest I was worried about ending up with a cowboy. It’s stressful enough having to replace a roof as it is, so using an accredited roofer that has proven his knowledge and competence, gave me the confidence that the job would be done in the right way.